The Cartel’s evolution

What is our mission?

As often, everything starts with a frustrating observation and a search for a solution. What would be done without the entrepreneurs? They are the ones who take the risks for a better future for all. They put their resources and their creativity at the service of a project and are ready to sacrifice themselves to realise them. They provide essential services to society. And despite their path full of pitfalls, they are pretty good at what they do!

Yet, most face problems that they think are unique … While it is usually the same for all. What if it were otherwise?

CartelTech was born from a quest for THE solution that will solve the problems of entrepreneurs. The one that will allow them to grow and succeed. Our mission: to make entrepreneurs and their companies: champions. In the process, we realized that the magic solution … consists of many solutions, adapted to each profile and each course.

Whatever you need, TECH IT EASY, we can help!

We are CartelTech, a community of developers, designers, fundraisers, and marketers who will do everything to achieve your goals. But also a partner company with investment funds, banks, news agencies, accounting firms … In short, everything an entrepreneur needs to build his business!

So don’t wait any longer, and join us!

Ben Chamla, CEO & Founder



After supporting more and more entrepreneurs in 2017, the Cartel has taken on a large scale. So we had to change offices, to be more comfortable and receive our customers in a beautiful environment, just in front of the mountain.

Want to visit us? 

Let us know, we will be delighted to welcome you to create a new project or just go around our offices!

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The cartel is expanding

Our team welcomes new members who are always available, responsive, attentive to customers and always quick to provide the most suitable solution! Want to discover their specialities? Take a look at our Facebook page and get to know them!

Even if the Cartel has grown, we are always looking for new talent – so do not hesitate to contact us, if you are interested in working with a young, dynamic team, full of projects!

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After a period of launching in a small committee, the Cartel has massively recruited outsourced teams in India, Serbia, Ukraine, London, San Francisco. Experts whose sole purpose is to provide the best digital services to customers!

First explorers, first builders, first members of the Cartel!

Team Work

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